Site Usage Guidelines

We want Haddam Now to be a fun, interactive experience for all of our residents.  To help you navigate the site and make the most of your experience, here are a few tips to enjoy the site.

If you click on an ad you will get a new page with their website or you will be redirected to their Business Directory Listing.

For a story (“Post”), click on read more to see the full text and associated photos.  From there you can leave a comment (Reply).

Click on Organizations [ then WAIT a few seconds ]; to the right you will see a list and you can pick one to visit their website; if you click on a group, like civic organizations and then pick one of those, you will see stories related to that organization.

On the CALENDAR page you can click on any item to see more details.

From a mobile device, if you would like to see everything, go to the bottom of the text display and choose “View Full Site”.

To send a letter to the editors, go to home/opinion/letters-to-the-editor.

Comments must not include internet links.

To make this site your home page (with Internet Explorer), be sure the menu bar is active, then select: tools/internet options/General/Home Page/ select “Use Current”

For a desktop shortcut, it needs to be done at the browser level. Here is a helpful article: