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HKHS Update: April 2018

By Donna Hayward, HKHS Principal.

Haddam Killingworth High School has announced its top honors: Valedictorian Kelsey D’Amico, and Salutatorian, Andi Roman. For more information, see THIS ARTICLE.

Core Values, Beliefs and Learning Expectations:

HKHS is pleased to share our new Core Values, Beliefs and Learning Expectations document with you. As you may be aware, our school’s mission statement is included on many documents including our school letterhead, handbook, Opportunities book, etc. From time to time, we review our mission and vision to ensure that it is still relevant and reflects the changing demands of our local and global community and meets the needs of our learners. Our new Learning Expectations reflect habits of mind and habits of work that will serve our students well in whatever path they choose after HKHS and reflect feedback we receive from community and business members, college advisors and our own graduates. The process of reviewing and revising the school’s mission and learning expectations is a comprehensive one that began in August of 2016 and was created by a committee of teachers, students, administrators, parents and BOE members. A draft was presented to the faculty for review in August of 2017, then brought to the Student Advisory committee in the fall. Finally, it was reviewed by the Curriculum Cabinet and shared with Board of Education this spring.

HKHS Core Values, Beliefs and Learning Expectations Approved 2018

We believe that every member of our community has value. We believe in the power of intellectual curiosity, global responsibility, and personal integrity. We believe in developing the knowledge and skills essential to healthy and productive lives.

HKHS Learning Expectations:

In a variety of contexts for a variety of purposes, students will: 1. Demonstrate personal responsibility, character, cultural understanding, and ethical behavior; 2. Communicate clearly and effectively in order to express ideas and connect with others; 3. Investigate, evaluate, and apply information; 4. Work both independently and collaboratively toward a specific outcome; 5. Demonstrate creative, innovative, and reflective thinking.

HKHS Success at National Student Television Convention 2018 

Two of our HKTV students won Best Documentary at the 2018 National Student Television Convention in Nashville, Tennessee last month! Annemarie LePard and Jessica Santoro (pictured left to right with their teacher, Chuck Lewis) brought home the top award for their work.
You can enjoy their winning video by clicking on this link:

MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge 2018

This was the focus of this year’s MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge (formally known as the Moody’s Mega Math Challenge). After arriving at the high school at 7:00 a m Sunday, March 4 with coffee cups in hand, our junior and senior teams fired up their computers and downloaded the challenge problem that would become their focus for the next 14 hours. The students spent the day gathering data and information regarding the topic, making assumptions, and eventually devising mathematical models to help support and illustrate their solutions to this current and real world problem. By 9:00 pm, both teams had submitted solution papers that reflected their hard work, perseverance, and dedication to the development of a solution that came about as a result of their diverse academic strengths and total collaboration.

Senior Team: From left to right: Andi Roman, Colin Regan, Jonah Spector, Craig Allen, Julie Kelly

The MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge problem is an open-ended, applied math modeling problem focused on a real-world issue. The sponsoring organizations support this event because they are interested in improving the number of young adults going into applied mathematics, finance, and economics (among other subjects). This year, 913 teams (4175 high school students) from the US participated in the Challenge. Of these 913 submissions, the HKHS Seniors solution paper caught the eye of the first round judges (Ph.D.-level applied mathematicians) and was moved to the second round of judging. Although they were not the recipients of any scholarship money, the HKHS Math department is very proud of these students and considers them winners!

This year’s full problem can be found here: The Senior team consisted of Andi Roman, Colin Regan, Jonah Spector, Craig Allen, and Julie Kelly. The Junior team consisted of Jonah Freeman, James Bruder, Nate Carlson, Carter Murray, and Seth Freeman.

Fine Arts

The National Art Honor Society members have completed working hard on transforming the stairwell that leads down to the B wing into a painted mural. The students chose to design the mural based on nature, and specific character traits such as perseverance and determination. The lower stairs have a koi fish swimming upstream towards a waterfall on the top stairs. Senior Jonah Spector designed the koi fish. This design is inspired by a Japanese waterfall legend which is the koi fish’s claim to fame. An ancient tale tells of a huge school of golden koi swimming upstream the Yellow River in China. Gaining strength by fighting against the current, the school glimmered as they swam together through the river. When they reached a waterfall at the end of the river, many of the koi turned back, letting the flow of the river carry them away. The remaining koi refused to give up. Leaping from the depths of the river, they attempted to reach the top of the waterfall to no avail. After a hundred years of jumping, one koi finally reached the top of the waterfall. The koi was recognized for its perseverance and determination and turned it into a golden dragon, the image of power and strength. We think the mural is a reflection of our HK student body showing perseverance and determination as they navigate through the challenges of life in high school.

Our Spring drama is coming up soon. For more information, see THIS ARTICLE about the H-K Players’ performances of “Bye Bye Birdie!”