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Brainerd Library Receives Grant from CFMC & Higganum Vision Group

Submitted by, Tom Piezzo, Director, Brainerd Memorial Library.

Example of a Little Free Library

The Brainerd Memorial is the grateful recipient of $844 from the Community Foundation of Middlesex County and the Higganum Vision Group.  This money is for the ongoing maintenance and care of the Little Free Libraries that will be installed soon at various locations in Haddam, Higganum and Haddam Neck. 

These Little Free Libraries are being built by local resident Gerry Matthews with support from Shagbark Lumber & Farm Supply, and are part of an international project to embed small book boxes in neighborhoods away from traditional libraries.  Borrowers can take and/or leave materials without check-out or return dates.  The Brainerd Library Friends are also assisting with this initiative. 

For more information about the initiative, click HERE.