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100 Years Ago: April 1918, Local News



100 Years Ago April1918

The Haddams – Third Liberty Loan Campaign

Selected from the pages of the Penny Press and lightly annotated by Sally Haase


Higganum, Apr. 1:  The service yesterday morning at the Congregational church was of much interest. The sacrament of the Lord’s Supper was observed followed by the Easter music rendered by the choir. Rev. R.W. Caldwell gave one of the very best sermons for the Eastertide.

Boston, Apr. 3:  Massachusetts swung into line with states supporting the federal Prohibition Amendment movement, when the state became the first of the northeastern states to ratify the amendment and the eleventh in the entire country. To carry the amendment, 25 other states must vote in its favor.

Higganum, Apr. 3: The ladies met again last evening at the home of Mrs. Marble to make surgical dressings. The Red Cross society asked this place to make two thousand each week.

Haddam, Apr. 4: Tax Collector, O.F. Richards will be at the Town hall Monday to receive taxes.

In the shooting rifle contest between Deep river and Haddam H.G. teams, the Haddam team won by 26 points. The team of Haddam H.G. was composed of Lieutenant Arnold Rich, Sergeant Moher Scoville, Captain Ryon and Corporal Kahrman.

Higganum, Apr. 6: The third liberty loan rally will be held in the Congregational church Sunday evening. Able speakers will be present. Large liberty chorus. Good music.

Haddam, Apr. 6: The following list of uncalled for letters are at the local post office:  Mrs. Emma J. Davis, Harry German, Russell Lockwood, Harry Patterson, Stoni Wimsuyki, Mr. Soholoff and Marshall Miner.

Hartford, Apr. 6: Haddam First To Go “Over The Top.”  Before the third liberty loan campaign was fairly under way today, the committee for Hartford, Middlesex, and Tolland counties were notified that Haddam had gone handsomely “over the top,” having exceeded its assigned quota by about 50 percent. The campaigned opened here [Hartford] with the ringing of fire and church bells and the blowing of all factory whistles.

Higganum, Apr. 8: A service flag has been places in the Congregational church in honor of the young men who have entered the service for their country.  There were 16 stars, representing those who belong to the church and those who have attended.

East Haddam, Apr. 8:    Clark and Zember are painting their dragnet boat in preparation for the coming fishing season.

Frank Ventres took a cool plunge in the freshet water when he attempted to step from one boat to another in the creek.

Clark and Waterhouse caught a few alewives Saturday, being the first of the season.

Higganum, Apr. 9: A liberty loan rally was held last evening at Tylerville and also at Shailerville.

Mrs. Charles B. Carlson has a few pounds of home-made butter to furnish each week. – adv.

Middletown, Apr. 11: Dedication of the Liberty Cottage. Middletown’s liberty loan cottage will be dedicated this afternoon by Governor Holcomb.  The cottage has attracted universal praise because of its picturesque design, and is probably one of the best in the state for this purpose. It is probable that there will be a great scramble after the dedication to see who will buy the first bond.

Liberty Cottage

[The building was located between Trinity Episcopal Church and the current location of the Chamber of Commerce. Photo: National Archives and Records Administration.]

Middletown, Apr. 11: The liberty loan canvassers who are acting enumerators for the patriotic census, which Middletown is taking, find some people are not acquainted with the purpose and scope of the effort. The answer to one question on the card – whether the person is performing any patriotic service – will serve as a great help to those directing Middletown’s share in the war work. [The town] could state the percentage of the population preforming patriotic work. Then, too, the list will serve as an up-to-date roster of those who have this country’s welfare at heart.

East Haddam, Apr. 11:  Jared Daniels and son, fur-buyers of Hadlyme, were in town visiting the local trappers.

Haddam, Apr. 13: A quantity of locust timber is being cut on Turkey Hill and in this village for the shipbuilding at Gildersleeve.

E.W. Hazen, Revs. Lawson and Caldwell and others of the Liberty loan committee, are to hold meetings in the school houses in Ponsett and Burr district, this evening, and at Turkey Hill, tomorrow.

East Haddam, Apr. 15: Raymond Ventres left this morning for Boston, where he is to enter the automobile training school of the government.

Clarence Spencer, who is stationed at Camp Devens is at the base hospital will with what is thought to be a form of malaria.

Middletown, Apr. 16: The third emphatic notice has been received from the War Industries board [stating]: “whereas, plans are being considered by cities for the construction of improvements which will not contribute toward winning the war, the carrying out of which will involve labor, material and capital which are not for war purposes…will be discouraged, notwithstanding they may be of local importance in normal times.”

Hartford, Apr. 25: Teach In English. The use of any language, other than English, for elementary instruction in public and private schools in Connecticut, will be prohibited after July 1. The proclamation by the governor followed the receipt of a report prepared by the committee on Americanization of Connecticut.

Ponsett, Apr. 25: Josef Zak, a Bohemian, was arrested as a suspect in the fire at the Prvhal Brothers pearl button factory. The man when arrested was in a badly intoxicated condition and had two loaded revolvers on his person. Just before he was arrested he fired a couple of shots from a shotgun in the road.

Higganum, Apr. 25: Over $1,700 worth of thrift stamps have been sold in Higganum, at the union school; in one room, the children have raised $50.


[Stamps were sold to school children and those unable to afford bonds.]

100 years ago, much has changed and, then again, nothing has changed.