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Looking for College Money? Scholarships and Where to Find Them

By Annemarie LePard, HKHS Student.

With college application season coming to a close and financial packets becoming the burden of many students’ futures, the rapid search for free money has begun. There are a lot of scholarships out there, local and nationwide; students just need to know how and where to look for them.

Any graduating senior from Haddam-Killingworth High School can find local and national scholarships on underneath the “Colleges” tab. Here, scholarships can be as selective to residents of just the town of Haddam/ Higganum or the town of Killingworth.

Other scholarships are more exclusive in who their applicants are rather than just residency. For instance, the Haddam Volunteer Fire Company Auxiliary Scholarship is specific to a student’s parent/guardian involvement in the fire department or if they are a member of the Junior Fire Department.

Not all scholarships are restrictive to a student’s residency. Throughout the United States, there are millions of scholarships available. Students can search for the scholarships that appeal to their designated college major or their personal likings on these popular websites: and

Besides the basic scholarships for the average student with the typical academic requirements and an essay regarding a specified topic, there are many unusual scholarships out there for the students with unique, stand-out-of-the-crowd talents.

The website lists a few: the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest is offering $2,000 to any high school senior in the United States who can call ducks, the Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest will gift $10,000 to any student who accepts their challenge of creating a prom outfit using Duct Tape and then wear their outfit to prom, and there is even a scholarship for tall people  — Tall Clubs International Student Scholarships.

With any questions regarding scholarships, students can reach out to their guidance counselors for more information as well as to get copies of their transcripts and letters of recommendation, which may be a necessity in applying to some scholarships.

A reminder to students: keep close tabs on deadlines as they come up quicker than expected.

There is a lot of free money out there; students just need to know where to look. This is only the beginning of endless scholarship opportunities.

Editor’s Note: Speaking of local scholarships, the parent company of News is offering a scholarship. More information can be found HERE.