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Haddam Town Update after Storm Elsa 3/10/18 & 3/11/18

Editorial Staff.

Update 3/11/18, 6:00 p.m.

According to First Selectman, Lizz Milardo, all storm related outages are complete!!

Update from Lizz Milardo, 3/11/18, 1:00 p.m.

I just spoke to Eversource and there are currently 168 customers still without power which is 4%. The goal is to have everyone restored by tonight at 11:00 p.m.

There are 10 crews currently working with another 4 on the way. Haddam, East Haddam, Chester and Deep River are still the concentration at this time due to the significant damage at the substation in Haddam.

There are 17 clients in Haddam Neck, 42 Near the Filley Road Area, 47 Near Meeting House, 11 Near Church Hill, 9 Boulder Dell. Others are scattered


Eversource has been working on restoring power in Haddam (and all over Connecticut) since Storm Elsa on Wednesday night, March 7, 2018. The current Eversource outage map says 17% of houses are still out of power (678 customers).

For homeowners whose lines are detached from the house, the homeowner is responsible for restoring the power. According to First Selectman, Lizz Milardo, many homeowners do not know that it is their responsibility. As a gesture of goodwill, Eversource has offered to expedite the process for customers by contacting electricians for homeowners, and paying for the electricity to be restored, so that customers will get their power back on more quickly. Customers need to send their information to Ms. Milardo at [email protected] so that she can forward the list to her liaison at Eversource.

The Red Cross opened a shelter at Haddam Killingworth Middle School yesterday and it will be open until Sunday, March 11, 2018 at noon (then the school needs to be cleaned up so that it can open for students on Monday morning). Cots are provided, and they ask that you can bring a blanket and pillow. Service dogs are allowed; other pets are not allowed. You can charge phones and take a shower as well. Seven residents stayed overnight last night at the shelter. Ms. Milardo would like to thank the Red Cross CERT team, which came from the Shoreline, and set up the shelter. “They have been very helpful,” said Ms. Milardo.

The senior housing in Haddam, High Meadows, has had its power restored. Many people were concerned about the residents there. Eleanor Farrell, the Municipal Agent for the Elderly, called the property management company repeatedly and the property management company told her that all 12 of their properties were out of power and they couldn’t prioritize just one even though High Meadows had no generator. It’s the property management’s responsibility to provide a generator, and most of their other properties have generators. Ms. Farrell, along with Jessica Condil, Haddam’s Social Services Coordinator, went to High Meadows on Thursday to check on residents there. They returned twice on Friday to check on them, and encouraged residents there to go to the shelter. Other residents brought food to High Meadows as well. Ms. Condil checked on all residents who were on the shut-in list after the storm. If someone messaged the town and was concerned about an elderly neighbor, Ms. Condil checked on them as well. Ms. Milardo had high praise for both Eleanor and Jessica, as well as the rest of her staff who came in and helped out. Larry Maggi, Haddam Selectman, checked on one resident who called in, and brought him gas for his generator. When his own power was returned, his offered his generator to borrow on social media.

Chris Corsa, Haddam Public Works, lists the roads where trees were still in the primary lines as of this morning:

  • Boulder Dell
  • Timms Hill
  • Meeting House Road
  • Church Hill Road
  • School House Road
  • Swain Johnson Trail
  • Landing Road
  • Gulf Quarry Road

Ms. Milardo mentioned Mr. Corsa’s dedication, as well as the town crews. There was a man and his little boy, whose car went into a ditch on Little City Road during the storm. Mr. Corsa brought them back to the Public Works garage so they could stay warm, then after the fire trucks were cleared from the road, Mr. Corsa drove them home. The town crews have been working around the clock since Wednesday, plowing, clearing trees, etc. and their commitment is to be commended.