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Eversource Focusing on Remaining Outages Caused by 2nd Nor’easter; Watching Next Storm Closely

Submitted by Al Lara, Eversource.

Eversource Focusing on Remaining Outages Caused by 2nd Nor’easter; Watching Next Storm Closely
Vast majority of customers restored

BERLIN, Conn. (March 11, 2018)  Eversource’s massive, around-the-clock restoration effort continues in high gear to get power back for customers still affected by Wednesday’s destructive nor’easter. Working in challenging conditions for the last several days, Eversource crews with the help of hundreds of utility workers from around the country, have restored power to more than 243,000 customers, replaced approximately 400 utility poles and strung more than 110 miles of new overhead lines – all while the company closely tracks the next storm expected to hit Connecticut Tuesday morning.

“We understand how trying it is for our customers to be without power and we truly appreciate their patience throughout this massive power restoration,” said Eversource Vice President of Electric Operations in Connecticut Michael Hayhurst. “This continues to be a demanding task for crews, especially considering they’ve been working non-stop to address extensive damage from two storms across the state for a full week now. Our team in the field and behind the scenes is committed to working hard until every single customer has power back.”

Crews are focusing on the remaining single or scattered outages. These are more complex outages that take additional time to complete and may require assistance from a private electrician or contractor. Lineworkers are going to each of these individual locations to assess what additional equipment or effort may be required to make repairs.

The company is also keeping a close eye on the next storm. Eversource line and tree crews, along with many of the out-of-state workers already in Connecticut, will again be ready to respond to the storm expected to hit the region Tuesday morning, bringing more snow and wind.

Eversource recommends customers assemble or restock a storm kit with essential items before the next storm hits. These include water, non-perishable food and pet food, as well as adequate medical supplies and prescriptions for each family member and any pets. The company also suggests customers keep all wireless communication devices fully-charged in case of a power outage.

Editor’s Note: All storm-related outages were taken care of in Haddam last night. 

This was posted by Eversource 3/11/18 on social media, which explains their storm response: Restoring power after a major storm that caused widespread damage and outages is extremely challenging. The devastating wind and fallen trees from the Nor’Easter left nearly 100 broken poles, 63 damaged transformers, and about 11 miles of downed electrical wires to repair. In many cases, we’ve had to rebuild the electric system. When we restore power, safety is always the top priority: we respond to emergency 9-1-1 calls, clear electric equipment from blocked roads, and complete damage assessments. From there, we bring power back first to critical facilities like hospitals, police and fire departments, then we focus on restoring the largest number of customers possible and continue working until all power is restored. It’s important to note that the outages that are done last are often the most labor intensive and can take the longest. Please know our crews are working as quickly and safely as they can to restore your power. As always, we ask for your patience as we complete this important work.