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100 Years Ago: March 1918, Local

100 Years Ago March 1918

The Haddams – The River Opens Up

Selected from the pages of the Penny Press and lightly annotated by Sally Haase


Haddam, Mar. 2:  Shailer and Arnold have been harvesting their summer supply of ice for the past few days.

Twelve or fifteen ladies spent yesterday at the church parlor working for the Red Cross.

Higganum, Mar. 4:  The sewing machine bought by the ladies of the Methodist church has been loaned to the Red Cross for their work and is at the home of Miss Brainard.

Robert Johnson of Camp Devens was a visitor over the Sabbath at the home of his mother, Mrs. A.B. Johnson.

Higganum, Mar. 5:  A large supply of witch hazel is being carted to the mill near the station, where it is cut and shipped to Essex.

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Do not fail to see the Connecticut war film at Greenburgh’s hall, Moodus, Wednesday evening March 6th. It is of historical interest. Admission, 15c, 25c, 35c – adv.

Haddam, Mar. 5:  Charles Church was home for the week-end returning to Camp Devens on Sunday.

The parties who have been drilling a well on James H. Wright’s place have completed their job having gone to a depth of 105 feet. This will furnish a fine supply of water.

Haddam Neck, Mar. 8:  Word has been received from Albert Olson of his safe arrival at Waco, Texas, where he is a member of the aviation corps.

Higganum, Mar. 8:  A party of young people were in Middletown last evening, and attended the Grand theatre.

Gordon Cody was in Haddam, yesterday afternoon, repairing the street lights.

William Maynard is suffering with the whooping cough.

At the Grange, Friday evening, a class of 13 took the first and second degrees. The class consisted of the following: James Riverts, John Lundgren, Stephen Smith, Ruth Burr, Alfred Andeen, Ellen Johnson, Isabelle Anderson, Hazel Anderson, Clara and Eva Carlson, Ellen Serenson, Mrs. Mary Ann Doyle and Stanley Spencer.

East Haddam, Mar. 12: The tug “Onrust” was unable to break the ice jam at Haddam Island, and returned to Saybrook. She encountered over two feet of ice north of the bridge. [March!]

Norman Boardman, of Camp Devens, spent a few hours with his parents Sunday.

H.Z. Clarke,  of Riverside garage, hauled the piles and boats of the public dock in the old ferry way ashore on Sunday. The ice this winter raised the piles and smashed the dock quite badly.

We hear that “Sport” has become a “pug” since his arrival at Camp Devens, having taken part in 11 bouts and winning the championship of his battalion in the feather weight class. His last three bouts were for the championship of the brigade and “Sport” got a draw in each. [There was no mention of Sports real name. Anyone know?]

Captain Frank Waterhouse, of “Clarke’s Creek,” was the first one to be seen in a rowboat on the river this spring.

The masons and laborers employed on the mansion of Wm. Gillette, the actor, at Hadlyme, who resides in Chester, have been obliged to come here and walk to Hadlyme and return each day.

Ponsett, Mar. 12: Harrison Brainard of Higganum has moved his saw mill onto the Oliver Smith place and has started the work sawing the logs into lumber.

East Haddam, Mar. 11: Edward E. Smith is filling his ice house this week.

The tug “Onrust,” which is again battling with the ice, lay at the local steamboat dock last night.

Postmaster Bridie wishes to state that if people persist in calling him on the public phone in the office, to ask needless questions, he will be obliged to hire an operator or someone to do his work while he is answering the phone.

Our local station agent partook too freely of fried clams, recently, and is confined to the house as a result.

Higganum, Mar. 13:  A service flag for members of the church and those that attend church that are in the service of the United States is to be placed in the Congregational church.

Haddam, Mar. 14: A number about the village are adding to their supply of sweets by making maple sugar. P.C. Arnold, with a new evaporating pan and a fire out of doors, turns out a gallon in a short time.

East Haddam, Mar. 18: The river at this point is clear of ice and very spring-like.

Owing to the past heavy rains and washouts, the roads in town are in very bad condition,

and under present conditions little can be done toward improvement.

The gripe seems to be losing its grip, but leaves many sufferers from after-effects.

Higganum, Mar. 19:  William Connor Jr. was home from Camp Devens for a short time Sunday.

Dead horses, cattle and mules removed free of charge, phone 173, reverse the charges. Allison Bros, Inc., Middletown.  – Adv.

East Haddam, Mar. 18: The steamboat depot here is to be fenced in soon, and no one allowed inside excepting those doing business or passengers.  The prohibition of smoking is to be rigidly enforced and the depot manager will hold the office constable empowered to make arrests.

Higganum, Mar. 23:  Gustaf Carlson, Co. E, 53rd U.S. infantry, Chattanooga, Tenn., is home on furlough for a week or more.

Through the Red Cross has now come an urgent country wide call for clothing to suit all ages for the Belgian and French refugees.

Haddam, Mar. 26: At the contest in Chester on Sunday between the rifle teams of the East Haddam, Chester and Haddam Home Guards the latter won by ten points. The team of the Haddam Home Guards was composed of Capt. Ryon, Lieut. Arnold, Sergeant Mosher, Corporal Kahrman, Corporal Rich, and Private Francis Scoville.


100 years ago, much has changed and, then again, nothing has changed.