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Mr. HK Pageant 2018: Results

By Kathy Brown.

On Friday evening, February 9, 2018, the Mr. H-K Pageant was held in the Haddam Killingworth High School Auditorium with 11 contestants. The judges were Doug Brown (reigning Mr. H-K 2016-17), Mr. Cropper-Alt (HKHS  math teacher), and Ms. Stone (HKHS Guidance Counselor). Hostess Hattie Hall and Host Ross Meglin emceed the show, and moved the show from an opening dance performance, to meet the contestants (each contestant was introduced via video montage of their interests before their talent), and finally, the interview portion:


Badami’s talent: parody

  • Henry Sodegren
  • Max Singer


  • Kevin Giulini
  • Arjun Badami


  • Curtis Kubacka
  • Connor Chute


Mirmina’s talent: Here it Goes Again treadmill dance

  • Jack Spooner
  • Ben McLaughlin
  • Andrew Meredith
  • Jackson Mirmina
  • Eric Giulini

This year, the student organizers of the show, Hattie Hall and Marissa Hughes selected 11 men to compete for the title of “Mr. H-K.” The students are judged on talent and formal wear, and then the top five, as determined by the judges, are interviewed. The “talent” ran the gamut from singing to dance, from a parody of teacher Mr. Hagewood, to an amusing skit comparing stereotypes of Higganum to Haddam to Killingworth.

The contestants then came out in formal-wear, escorted by the female student of their choice. The judges conferred, while the emcees held a hand over various contestants’ heads to hear audience support. The emcees announced the top 5 contestants (in random order): Andrew Meredith, Arjun Badami (the audience favorite, according to the applause), Jackson Mirmina, Jack Spooner, and Curtis Kubacka. The emcees then asked the finalists questions ranging from “What is true beauty?” (Andrew Meredith answered, “The willingness to be yourself and make a fool of yourself in front of your classmates”) to “How would you change the world in just one way?” (Jackson Mirmina answered, “Does the world need changing?”) to “What is the most important issue facing people today?” (Arjun Badami answered, “Intolerance. We need to accept people.”).

The emcees then narrowed the field to three: Arjun Badami, Andrew Meredith, and Jackson Mirmina.

Finally, the moment that we’d all been waiting for — the winner was crowned: senior, Andrew Meredith.

Andrew declared Mr. H-K!

The following local businesses supported this evening’s event: Modern Formals, and Haddam Restaurant & Pub.

When it’s uploaded to HKTV, the video of tonight’s show will be available here.

The pageant proceeds support the HKTV Student Television Network annual trip. “Media Communication” students will be attending the STN competition in Nashville, TN this spring.