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HKHS Indoor Track and Field 2018: Shoreline Conference Championship & Class S State Championship Results

Submitted by Dick Dupuis, Coach.

First Team All Shoreline (L to R): Regan, Rakowski, Criscuolo, Freeman, Meredith, McCabe, Spector and  Lavoie

Indoor Track is different from most sports in that wins and loses during the season are not a major consideration. In fact, most Invitationals don’t keep score.

Thus from a competitive standpoint, meets are used to qualify athletes for Conference and State championship competition by achieving preset performance standards for the various events. HK had 42 boys qualify for the Shoreline Championship.

HK Track’s Three Musketeers – They provided 72 of the Cougar’s 144 points in shoreline Championship.
In order: Conor McCabe, Andrew Meredith and Jonah Spector.

Defending Champion and favorite Old Saybrook won 150 to HK’s 144 in a meet that came down to the last event. Three of our distance squad, Andrew Meredith, Jonah Spector and Conor McCabe, managed to place 1, 2, 3 in the 1000, 1600  and 3200 earning 72 points. First Team All-Conference is given to first place finishers. Since the three divided up first place in the three races, all were First Team All-Conference, Another major source of scoring came from our Shot Putters. Led by Colton Lavoie who won, HK earned 20 points as Colton was joined by Nate Breling (4th), Wally Sample (5th)and Chase Mack (8th). Our last group of First Team members came from the Sprint Medley relay (SMR). The Cougar team of Colin Regan, Brad Rakowski, Kyle Criscuolo and Seth Freeman went back and forth with Coginchaug, managing to pull it out in the end winning by a little more than a second. The rest of HK’s scoring came from a combination of individuals and relays. Seth Regan earned third place in the 55 dash, Luke Sodergren fifth in the hurdles and Tyler Knapp placed sixth in the Pole Vault. Kurt Sodergren joined Kyle Criscuolo, Seth Freman and Owen Howes in the second place 4×800 relay. Kurt also placed fifth in the 600 and 1600 providing 10 points for his team. Owen Howes also placed in the 600. Kyle Candall and Dima Mallon joined Rakowski and Colin Regan to place third in the 4×200 relay. The four boys who won the SMR teamed up in the 4×400 to earn third place.

On the Girls side, twenty two girls qualified for the Conference Championship. The girls earned 69 points finishing third. Old Saybrook dominated the competition scoring 148 points. Morgan was second with 75.5. While no HK Girl was in a winning event, a number placed second, thus earning Second All-Conference recognition. Basically ten girls provided all of the scoring for HK, with all but two doing so competing in a combination of relays and individual events. Veronica Chrzanowski lead the scoring for HK  placing second in the long jump, second in the 55m dash and anchoring the fifth place 4x 200 relay which included Ashley Duncanson, Elena Boyington and Autumn Coady. Those three girls later joined with Emma Anziano to place second in the SMR. In addition Autumn earned  third place in the hurdles. Another second place finish was provided by the girls 4×800 relay of Kesie D’Amico, Lexie Bouthillier, Emma Anziano and Julie Kelly. The 4×400 relay of Duncanson, Boyington, Bouthillier and Kelley placed fifth. On the individual side, in addition to the aforementioned long jump and hurdles, individual scoring was provided by: Emma Anziano the 1000 (3rd),  Julie Kelly in the 600 (4th), Lexie Bouthlillier in the 1600 (5th), Abby Bagonoli 1600 (7th), Meara Bodak in the 3200 (5th) and Gabby Wyzykowski in the shot put (7th). Almost all of these athletes advanced to the Class S State Championship.

HK Girls and Boys Indoor Track and Field Teams compete in the Class S State Championship

These girls provided all of the team’s scoring in the State Championship
From left to right: D’Amico, Kelly, Bouthillier, Chrzanowski, Duncanson, Boyington, Coady (and Anziano, who is missing from the picture)

The HK Girls Indoor track and field team earned 14 points to tie with Seymour for 10th place in the Class S State Championship.  As was true for the Shoreline Championship, HK’s points came from a mix of individual and relays. Veronica Chrzanowski again led the team in scoring with a 17’ 3/4” leap in the long jump for third, and lead off the fifth place SMR relay which included Elena Boyinton, Ashley Duncanson and Julie Kelley. In addition the girls’ relay of Lexie Bouthillier, Kelsey D’Amico, Emma Anziano and Julie Kelly combined to place third with a time of 10:00.66, just four seconds off the School record.

Relays and individuals who either win their event in one of the four classes or are among the 14 best performers from all of the divisions are advanced to the State Open Championship which features the best in the State. Based on their performance, Veronica and the girls 4×800 relay will advance to the State Open.

HK’s boys Indoor Track Team earned 28 points to place fifth in the Class S State Championship. The Cougars 4×800 relay of Dan Schumann, Jonah Spector, Conor McCabe and Andrew Meredith ran a school record time of 8:19.50 to place second. Later in the meet, Meredith and Spector went first and second in the 3200 to add to the team’s score. Tyler Knapp placed fifth in the pole vault to round off the teams scoring.

HK’s Boys Shoreline Championship SMR relay team — (L to R): Seth Freeman, Kyle Cricuolo, Brad Rakowski and Colin Regan

The relay team as well as Meredith and Spector individually qualified for the State Open. In Addition, due to his first place finish, Andrew will be recognized as an All State Athlete in Indoor Track and Field.