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Haddam Grand List Up Nearly 2.4% From Last Year

By Meghan Peterson.

Haddam Grand List up nearly 2.4% from last year
Adds 84 businesses to the rolls, gains additional revenue

The Haddam Tax Assessor, Jennifer Gauthier, has recently completed the 2017 Grand List.

According to the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management, the grand list “is the aggregate valuation of taxable property within a given town.”[1] In basic terms, it is the total dollar amount of all property that is taxed within Haddam, for example.

There are various kinds of property that are subject to taxes: residential, commercial, industrial, land use, personal property, and motor vehicles, for instance.

According to Gauthier, the 2017 Grand List for Haddam increased 2.398% from last year’s Grand List totals.

Gauthier further explains that the 2.398% increase “encompasses all property classes” – meaning that it is deriving from a variety of taxable property genres. Moreover, that percentage increase “equates to an increase of assessment of $21,790,467,” with an additional $690,539 of tax revenue coming into the Town (if utilizing the current mill rate).

Finally, Gauthier notes that Haddam “netted an increase of 84 businesses” as well as gained an “additional 185 vehicles” to the tax rolls. Above all, Gauthier points out that “it is exciting to note that the Gross Assessment of all taxable properties has topped $1 Billion dollars for the first time in our history!”