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Emergency Information

Emergency Information, as of January 1, 2018

submitted by R. Thurston Clark, Vice-Chair Haddam Committee on Aging.

Particularly at this time of year, we are concerned with two issues involving the safety and well-being of the town’s seniors.

First is medical emergencies and the ability of First Responders to quickly and easily find the dwelling where the senior or disabled person is. Years ago, when I lived on Long Island, the Lions Club would annually send a crew around paining the house numbers on curbs. A few days later they would show up asking for a donation. Well, Haddam doesn’t have many curbs, but the Lion’s Club has come up with something even better for residents. They sell a 6 ½” X 1 ½’ reflective blue sign that attaches to your mail box, or house if you have a Post Office Box. The Haddam Post Office has a sample “123”, but, at least a couple of weeks ago, they didn’t know how you could
get one. It is actually quite easy. Go to [email protected] and decide if you want the sign horizontal of vertical. The fee is $29.00 and will arrive in a couple of weeks. How many out there wondered where the signs came from?

Second is an Act of God emergency, that is to say how to prepare for it. The State of Connecticut has put out a “Guide to Emergency Preparedness” that you can download via or call for them to send you a copy 860-685-8190. It is a large detailed document that I have skimmed some highlights off of:

Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security
News, announcements and links to information such as power outage maps.

Handy Items: 

– PHONE NUMBERS (keep these numbers in a place that is easy to get at)

  • Town Hall 860-345-8531
  • Senior Van (transportation) 860-682-3301
  • Caregiver’s number
  • Children or other relative’s number

– Location of nearest “WARMING CENTER” to you in case your power goes out, e.g. Higginum Fire House; Haddam Neck Fire House; H-K High School. Note these Warming Centers become “active” when the State of Connecticut declares an emergency.

– PACK these items & put them in a bag(s) you can quickly get to:

  • A change of clothes, plus a sweater
  • Auto charge cable for cell phone charging
  • Portable radio with extra batteries
  • A couple of gallon jugs of water (one for drinking, one for toilet flushing)
  • Hand wipes
  • Dry boxed and canned food (juice boxes, breakfast bars; snacks; ready to eat meals)
  • Comforter or sleeping bag
  • Card and board games (miniaturized size), e.g. checkers, chess, Uno