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Cold Weather Tips from Haddam Social Services

Submitted by Jessica Condil.

Cold Weather tips from Haddam Social Services:
With the extreme cold weather temperatures occurring and expected over the next few days please consider some of these cold weather tips:
1.  Be a good neighbor and check on each other, especially elderly and home-bound neighbors.
2.  Keep the heat on. If your experiencing a fuel emergency, please call Haddam Social Services.
3.  Keep an emergency kit handy, your emergency plan and phone numbers handy.
4.  Some steps to avoid pipes from busting
  • drip your faucets
  • keep the heat at least 55 and open cabinets where plumbing is
  • turn water off to any outside faucet
5.  A list of shelters and warming centers are open across Connecticut and be found by calling 211 or
Have a Safe and Happy New Year!