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There’s an Elf at Brainerd Memorial Library

Submitted by Cynthia Tillson. 

An astute young lady spotted an elf in front of the library Monday [December 4, 2017].  Cute little fellow, he is still there today making people smile.   

The elf is one of many festive decorations placed around town by the Haddam Garden Club.  Some are in place already, but many will arrive at their holiday destinations on Wednesday.

The untrained observer would come into the Community Center Wednesday morning and see a bunch of people bustling over a misplaced brush pile.   

These people are members of the Haddam Garden Club.  The brush pile consists of assorted evergreens and other bits of nature.   These will be transformed into a dazzling array of centerpieces, swags and wreaths in a mere several hours with the addition of some bows, bling and the occasional elf.  

As you wander about town over the holiday season, take a moment to notice the unique decorations created by the garden club.  Maybe you will be lucky enough to spot an elf.

Photo by Ed Munster.