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Historic Tylerville House Demolished

Editorial Staff.

Photo courtesy of Susan DeCarli

On Monday, December 11, 2017, the Shailer Banning house at 85 Bridge Street in Tylerville was demolished. We have published several items about the Shailer Banning house. Timeline:

  • June 26, 2015, we published Elizabeth Malloy’s “Haddam Historical Society Newsletter: June 2015” which outlined the historical significance of the Shailer Banning house and what the Haddam Historical Society was doing to save it.
  • July 12, 2015, we published “Good News in Tylerville,” where the owner agreed to save the Shailer Banning House and move the proposed gym building to the rear of the property.
  • July 24, 2015, we published “Demolition Delay Ordinance Approved by Town Meeting,” which provided for an ordinance to delay demolition of a building for 120 days.
  • September 21, 2016, we published the Notice of Demolition, when the owner made their intentions known.
  • September 27, 2016, we published a Letter to the Editor we received, in response to the Notice of Demolition, from a neighbor on Bridge Street.

Liz Glidden, the Haddam Town Planner, said, “The owner let her intentions known to demo this structure over two years ago.”

“Based on a model provided by the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation, the ordinance [that the Historical Society put forth and was approved in July 2015] calls for a 120 day waiting period for the demolition of an historic building,” Haddam Historical Society director, Elizabeth Malloy explained. “Concerned parties will be notified and have the opportunity to work with owners and developers to preserve the building.”

Ms. Malloy told us that when the property owners of Shailer Banning House submitted the application to demolish the building, “the Delay Ordinance was initiated in hopes of working with the owner to come up with a possible alternative or at least dismantle and move it. Concerned parties working with representatives of the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation contacted the owners, but unfortunately dialogue never progressed. A demolition permit was issued in late January of 2016. Nothing transpired until the building was knocked down on Monday.”

For a video of the demolition, click HERE.

“[The owner] applied for the demolition permit and was subject to the demolition delay ordinance,”said Ms. Glidden. “After the 120 day waiting period, and public notice, a permit to demolish was issued. I think we all wish the building could have been repurposed for another business. Sometimes that is possible, and sometimes it is not. This was one of those times.  This is a volatile time for Tylerville as new infrastructure is planned. Sidewalks, public water and a soon to be improved Swing Bridge will make Tylerville an economic driver for the area. The next step will be new zoning regulations for Tylerville that will balance economic growth with attractive design.”

Malloy’s opinion is that “although the delay ordinance allows concerned parties some time to work with owners to look at other alternatives to demolition, there must be incentives for owners to restore an historic structure.” She went on to say that “education, planning, and legislation also need to be addressed. The Haddam Historical Society and state preservation entities are available to assist property owners to explore funding opportunities, provide technical assistance, and connect them to qualified professionals including architects, engineers, contractors, and other professionals.”

“Tylerville is resilient and it’s success will not depend on one building,” said Ms. Glidden. “The demolition of the Shailer Banning House is an unfortunate and enduring loss for the citizens of Haddam present and future,” said Ms. Malloy. “And we hope that communication, planning, and cooperation will prevent future demolitions.”

Video and photo by Ed Munster.

One Response to Historic Tylerville House Demolished

  1. Jon Sibley

    December 21, 2017 at 9:54 am

    It was a sad site to see the demolition of the 1810 Shailor-Banning house this past week in Tylerville. This house had an amazing amount of original interior details and hardware considering its many uses over the years to include being a 2-family apartment, professional office and retail store.

    In 1989, We purchased the Jared-Shailor house, built 1836, located diagonally across the street to save it from the same fate of demolition for a new retail store. This building has served extremely well since then for The Sibley Company office as well as for the law office of Attorney Epright.

    Old, historic buildings, with due care and thoughtful restoration, can be gainfully used for modern, productive use.