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RSD #17 Board of Education Meeting Notes 10/17/17

By Annemarie LePard, HKHS Student.
On Tuesday, October 17, 2017 the Board of Education held one of their twice monthly meeting in the HK Middle School library where they addressed topics pertaining to future renovations, and the schools’ Continuous Improvement Plans.
The meeting commenced with residents of the towns of Haddam and Killingworth approaching the BOE with their concerns regarding the community.  Such concerns included the probability of closing one of the elementary schools, the districts supposed failure in providing aid to students in special education programs, and the policy concerning students who attend magnet schools but wish to play on an HK sports team.
Following the residents’ comments, the BOE moved onto topics surrounding future renovation projects. The BOE passed motions for the following projects: solar panel manager, the high school auditorium renovation contractor, and the payment for the additional four ladders added on to the high school’s roof during its renovation.
The main topic of the Board of Ed meeting revolved around the Continuous Improvement Plan which discussed its main curriculum improvements. 
The Special Education improvement plan consisted of building greater capacity for providing educational services to identified services, and monitoring the effectiveness of student meetings.
The Science Program improvement plan consists of new assessment standards in 2020 in grades 5-8 and 11th.
The English/Language Arts improvement plan ranged from working on phonemic awareness in the early grades to meeting writing goals in later grades.
The Social Studies Program will be focusing on transitioning to the Connecticut Social Studies framework as well as teaching Social Studies in a new way that engages the students more in the curriculum.
At the Middle School, they talked about expanding opportunities in student interest areas, such as Robotics, as well as making a student advisory to build community partnerships with parents.
Beginning in the school year of 2020-21, students will be entering the high school with have completed Level III in Spanish or French rather than Level I as compared to the previous foreign language curriculum.
At the High School, the focus will be on expanding its offerings of college level classes, as well as expand internship programs and adding courses that students want.
The next Board of Education meeting is going to be on November 14, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. in the Central Office.