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Letter to the editor: The Electors have Spoken

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The election is over. The strong message from our voters is for
continued progress and civility. It is time to move on in support in a
positive manner of those who serve in the best interests of our Haddam

It is becoming a widespread problem everywhere to find volunteers
to fill positions to make local governments function successfully.
Board members, commission members, committee members, all volunteers
working for the benefit of our town need our support and appreciation
for their service.

Outstanding examples of civility (that is courtesy, politeness, and
consideration) who have served in our town include Stacia De Michele,
Sean Donlan, and Bob Duval to name a few. They have been excellent role
models consistently over years, and continue to be an inspiration to
many who follow in their footsteps.

Let us go forth at this time of Thanksgiving, to be grateful and
appreciative, to remember that our country was founded in a time when
decorum and civility were the standard, and for all to keep the best
interests of Haddam in our hearts.

Melanie Giamei, 11/10/17

2 Responses to Letter to the editor: The Electors have Spoken

  1. Peter Arseneault

    November 11, 2017 at 7:57 am

    Well said Melanie. Thank you.

  2. Sharon Challenger

    November 16, 2017 at 6:16 am

    Thank you Melanie!

    I am thankful to those who serve our town, and am hoping everyone will work together going forward.

    Serving the public is not an easy job, and sadly, civility seems to be a dying talent these days.

    However, we must remain focused on trying to do what is best for Haddam.

    I think the majority of people in town will agree with your insights.