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Haddam Election Results 2017

The official results from the Registrars can be found here: Haddam Municipal Election 11_7_2017a (3)

Below were the preliminary results as tallied on election night (total for all districts, including absentees):

Winners are in BOLD:

First Selectman:

  • Sean Moriarty (D)  1220
  • Lizz Milardo (R) 1420
  • Jonathan Wintsch (Petitioning Candidate) 55


  • Larry Maggi (R) 1664
  • Melissa Schlag (D) 1434


  • Robin Munster (R) 2023

Town Clerk

  • Scott Brookes (D) 2022

Judge of Probate

  • Anselmo Delia (R) 1277
  • Jeannine Lewis (D) 1223

Tax Collector:

  • Aubrey Bingham (D) 869
  • Kristin Battistoni (R) 1742

Board of Education

  • Joanne Nesti (Petitioning Candidate) 1556
  • Gerry Matthews (D)  1615
  • Brenda Buzzi (D) 1578

Board of Finance

  • Mark Lundgren (D) 1485
  • Steve Bayley (D) 1269
  • Harlen Fredericksen (R) 1578

Board of Finance Alternate

  • David Challenger (R) 1369
  • Melissa Talevi (D) 1169

Planning and Zoning

  • Peter Baird (D) 1308
  • Ed Wallor (R) 1497
  • Ralph Livieri (D) 1184
  • Wayne LePard (R) 1628
  • Michael Farina (D) 1389
  • Gina Block (D) 1345

Planning and Zoning Alternate

  • Diane Stock (D) 1692
  • Robert Braren (D) 1620

Zoning Board of Appeals

  • Robin Munster (R) 1485
  • Jason Esteves (D) 982
  • Tom Berchulski (R) 1406
  • Paul White (D) 992

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate

  • Jessica Labbe (D) 1366
  • Bill Iselin (R) 1378
  • Aubrey Bingham (D) 1259

Board of Assessment Appeals

  • Craig Salonia (R)  1413
  • Tanja Moriarty (D) 1137, based on party representation rules
  • Lisa Lawrence (R) 1384
  • Judy Goldfarb (D) 1061

Shall the Charter of the Town of Haddam be amended as proposed by the Haddam Charter Revision Commission in its July 19, 2017 Final Report and as approved by the Haddam Board of Selectmen on August 2, 2017?  Yes 836    No  469

4 Responses to Haddam Election Results 2017

  1. Jeff Ogilvie

    November 7, 2017 at 10:04 pm

    Thank you to all the voters who came out today to make our town’s political system work.

    And a special thank you to all the candidates who gave their time and efforts towards this election. Winners and losers poured their hearts into making our town a great place to live and raise a family. The dialog around election time is not easy, but we all benefit from the generosity and concerns expressed by all candidates.

    Proud to call Haddam my hometown….Jeff Ogilvie

  2. Michael Farina

    November 8, 2017 at 6:48 am

    I thank all of those who supported me, and all who came out to vote in nasty weather. Everyone is a winner because they had the courage to run on their convictions and our town is all the better for this. There are no losers when it comes to dedicating your time, skills, and service to Haddam!

  3. Anselmo Delia

    November 8, 2017 at 8:45 pm

    Thank you, Haddam, for once again supporting my candidacy for Judge of Probate. Congratulations to all the winners; you are now entrusted with the welfare of your citizens and of your great town. This is an awesome responsibility which I am certain you will fulfill.

  4. Craig Salonia

    November 8, 2017 at 11:00 pm

    I would also like to thank all those who came out to vote and participate in the democratic process. I thank those of you who supported me and I will do the best job I can for the citizens of Haddam.