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100 Years Ago: October 1917 — In and Around the Haddams

100 Years Ago October 1917

In and Around The Haddams

Selected from the pages of the Penny Press and lightly annotated by Sally Haase

Haddam, Oct.1, 1917:  Fifty-five men were examined on Friday at Deep River, by the exemption board for Division 22. Of the men examined, 18 were found physically deficient, four were aliens, two had examinations postponed, and 18 filed dependency claims. This leaves a balance of 13 men, who were accepted. [Accepted from the Haddams were: Samuel Axelrod, Moodus, Joseph J. Pour, Moodus, Morris Revkin, Haddam, Walter F. Bailey, Higganum, and Robert W. Bingham, Jr., East Haddam. Five of the men who were not accepted were excused with a dependency claim. Three were aliens and three were physically deficient.]

Lantern Slide Projector

East Haddam, Oct.1, 1917:  Captain George Comer will give a talk before St. Stephen’s guild on October3, at 8 o’clock. It will be illustrated by lantern slides.

Higganum, Oct.1, 1917:  Hjalmar Anderson, of the 102nd regiment having received an honorable discharge, returned to his home in this place on Saturday evening.

East Haddam, Oct.2, 1917:  The contest in this place was the license question, the “wets”  vote being: Yes, 250, and no, 151. [The question of wet or dry municipalities was decided locally in 1917.]The balance of the ticket was republican.  [Elected to selectmen were: W.W. Gates,r 185; C.C. Sanford, r. 191; and Joseph Briza, Jr., d. 162.]

Haddam, Oct.2 1917:  At the town meeting yesterday the following officers were elected: Town clerk, George A Dickinson; selectmen, Joseph Ketchell, Francis A. House, Gunner Bloomquist; Collector of taxes, Oscar F. Richards. The town voted no [liquor] license by a majority of 12.

Haddam, Oct.3 1917:  A number of our citizens were at the Town hall, last evening, to give the two “boys”, Corporal Charles Church and William Woodruff, al little send-off. Captain Kitchell places in their hands comfort bags and kits of knitted articles, made by the Haddam Red Cross workers. Hon. E.W. Hazen…told them he was sure they would do honor to their town. Friends in this village and Shailerville…presented each with a wrist watch. Church and Woodruff left this morning for camp at Ayers, Mass.

Higganum, Oct. 5, 1917:  C.F. Olson has the contract to furnish the boys of the Home Guard with their shoes. The money for the shoes has been donated by different people interested in their welfare.

Ponsett, Oct. 11, 1917:  The sixth annual Old Home Day celebration will be held at the West Haddam Methodist Episcopal church, Sunday, Oct. 14. Following this service a basket lunch will be served at the home of William Burr, with coffee for all.

Moodus, Oct. 13, 1917:  The Nathan Hale Memorial chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, will present a large silk flag to the East Haddam Home Guard, Oct. 14.

Harry Gorman has been appointed special policeman at the Stanley Rule & Level works in New Britain.

Haddam Neck, Oct. 15, 1917:  Will Johnson has erected a new silo and finished filling it on Friday.

Men are still harvesting Fed Brainerd’s potato crop, which will amount to over one thousand bushels. More than double the usual quantities of potatoes have been raised in this place.

Haddam, Oct. 16 1917:  We are glad to learn that Charles Church has been assigned to electrical work at Camp Devens and is apparently enjoying life.

Higganum, Oct. 22 1917:  Charles Bailey, John Carini, Tony Vicini and Thomas Montia, of Camp Devens, Sunday at their homes in town. Milio Carini of the U.S. Navy, also spent Sunday with his parents.

The Home Guard had their first target practice Sunday morning on the Van Voert farm range. Roland Lynde made the best record making 22 out of a possible 25 points. The crack of the guns could be heard for several miles and drew a crowd of people to the spot.

Middletown, Oct. 24 1917:  The Russell Manufacturing company of this city has encouraged its employees to buy Liberty bonds, and for each $50 bond the employee takes the company has arranged so they can be paid for at the rate of $1 a week to be deducted from the weekly pay. The company will give to each employee remaining in their employ from December 1, 1917 to December 1, 1918, one $50 Liberty bond as a bonus.

Haddam, Oct. 25 1917:  The first annual corn and potato exhibit, held under the auspices of the Middlesex County Y.M.C.A. in cooperation with the County Farm Bureau, took place at Haddam Saturday. The corn and potatoes which the boys themselves had raised during the summer…were on view, and the display was surely one to make everyone proud of the boys and their work. On next Saturday all the boys will be taken for a trip to Storrs Agricultural College by automobile.

Haddam, Oct. 25 1917:  News has been received from Camp Devens that Charles Church has been transported to the signal battalion and will probably not be sent south at present.

At the Liberty loan rally in the town hall last evening subscriptions amounting to $39,200 were raised. This with the $40,000 taken at Higganum on Monday evening makes a  total of $79,200 for the town of Haddam.

Higganum, Oct. 25 1917:  William  O’Connor, one of the boys sent to Camp Devens, has been confined in the camp hospital.

East Haddam, Oct. 25, 1917:  Tuesday evening several persons sighted an object hovering in the sky line over the hills Haddam, just after dark. They described it as a balloon, with a powerful light underneath. After a few moments it sank out of sight beyond the hill tops. The subject was a matter of much discussion by the eye witnesses.

100 years ago, much has changed and, then again, nothing has changed.