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New Stop Sign at the Bottom of Gunger Hill

By K. Brown.

Drivers on Little City Road need to slow down. There’s a Speed Awareness Monitor in front of RSD #17’s Central Office on Little City Road, and there’s a new stop sign at the bottom of Gunger Hill Road farther down Little City Road. According to Chris Corsa, Assistant Director of Public Works in Haddam, “After a number of complaints from residents in the Gunger Hill area it was determined that a 3-way stop was appropriate for that location.” He went on to explain that there is a stop sign, and also a “stop sign ahead” sign 200 feet prior to the stop sign.

“I had [a speed awareness monitor] placed on Little City Rd due to the new school year, as student athletes run on that road,” explained Trooper Milardo. “The machine helps to provide vehicular speed awareness.”

With school back in session and Cross Country runners on the road, and a new stop sign, drivers on Little City Road need to slow down and exercise caution.


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