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Letter on CT vs FLA

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On 2017-07-23 13:45, [email protected] wrote:

In the July 20 Haddam News, Marietta S. Lee presented a less than
complete comparison of Connecticut and Florida. From that comparison
she concluded that state government compensation should be put in line
with private sector compensation.

A couple of facts she omitted were that Florida’s 2017 budget was
$92.3 billion or $4,553 per capita while Connecticut’s was $20.4
billion or $5,681 per capita. While the cost of living in Hartford
and Orlando are comparable, Connecticut spent $17,700 per student on
education while Florida spent $12,200. As we in Haddam know all too
well, that difference in spending translates into big property tax
dollars. If I were a retiree who wasn’t concerned about education,
I would be happy that Florida spends so much less on education.

Her comparison of taxes and other governmental levies was not
complete. It was what the Tax Foundation published. However, that
accounting did not include the unpopular tolls that pay for so much of
Florida’s roads. I’m fairly certain there are other costs not
included in the Tax Foundation’s comparison.

I disagree with her conclusion. The state should not be dragging its
employees down to the level that corporate America has forced on its
employees. The state should be trying to lift private sector
employees back to the compensation they earned when they were
considered a valuable asset.

Steven J. Lowrance
40 Arkona Lane
Higganum 06441