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Town Elementary Schools Awarded Distinction

By Meghan Peterson.

Both the Burr Elementary School (BES) and the Haddam Elementary School (HES) have been named 2015-16 Connecticut Schools of Distinction by the state Department of Education. The state has identified these schools as two among the highest performing elementary schools throughout Connecticut. The state has recognized 116 schools with this honor.

According to this website, schools earn this distinguished ranking if they meet the following criteria:

  • Top ten percent of schools using the Accountability Index score;
  • Top ten percent of schools with the highest growth for all students or for the high-needs group (free or reduced price lunch, English language learners, and students in special education); or
  • The top ten percent of schools (among those without growth) with improvement in Accountability Index

Burr Elementary School

In a letter sent to the Burr Elementary School community, Principal Eric Larson wrote in part:

“…our school was in the top 10% of elementary schools across the state. This is a great honor and indicative of the hard work of our students, the support of our parents, and the outstanding teaching and support that our children receive in this school. Congratulations to the entire BES community!”

According to a letter sent to the Haddam Elementary School community, Principal Bryan Kerachsky wrote in part:

Haddam Elementary School

“HES was in the top 10% of elementary schools across the state. Also, HES was in the top 10% of schools who showed growth in achievement over the past two years.  Just wonderful! I am so excited for the students, teachers, staff, and parents of Haddam Elementary! With outstanding teachers, amazing support from our parents, and students who come to school energized and ready to learn every day-Anything is Possible!”

In speaking with Haddam Now, Principals Larson and Kerachsky emphasize that the recognition is a direct result of “all of the work that our schools and district do.” Whether it is keeping students healthy, custodial staff “keeping germs at bay,” the PE teacher “promoting flexibility and athleticism,” the work done by curriculum teams, instructional coaches, and classroom teachers, to the “support our parents give our children,” they highlight that the successes of BES and HES are testament to the dedication of the learning community.