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Haddam Senior Center: Cafe Menu May 2017

Submitted by Suzanne Wintsch.

Haddam Senior Center

923 Saybrook Road, Haddam,CT


I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the outpouring of love and support to continue our congregate nutrition program! Meals at the Center are not just a warm meal, but a chance to foster healing through relationship building within our community. Through the act of breaking bread together, we invite countless opportunities to connect, which empowers the human spirit and promotes vitality. In addition, the routines surrounding our meals increase volunteerism and provide comfort in our community.

Lunch is$2.50 or whatever amount you can afford, and served every weekday at noon. Please call 860-345-8300 to reserve CRT meals (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). See Suzanne or Diane for additional information about our new meals and donation process for Tuesday and Thursday.

Click here for the menu:May Senior Center Meals Calendar 2017