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HVFCo Train on CAFS and New Engine

Photo & Story by Olivia Drake, HVFCo Public Information Officer.

During their weekly drill on March 20, 2017, members of Haddam Volunteer Fire Company practiced advancing hose lines through a smoked-out room and flowing wet and dry foam from a compressed air foam system (CAFS). CAFS is used in firefighting to deliver fire retardant foam to extinguish a fire. CAFS notably extinguishes fire faster than water, it saves water, and since the material weighs less, it helps with firefighters’ fatigue. Members also learned how to operate the CAFS on the new Engine 6-13.

“The drill allowed firefighters to physically feel and see the difference between flowing water, and flowing wet foam and dry foam,” said HVFC Captain Richard Zanelli. “Wet foam is used for fire suppression, whereas dry foam is used for exposure protection.”