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Puppy or Cake: Which is which?


Puppy or Cake?


Photo A








Photo B


Examine photo A, then examine photo B.  What do you see?  Is one a puppy or are both puppies?  Photo A is a chocolate cake made into an exact likeness of Puppy Polly in Photo B.  Several weeks ago my 5-yr. old granddaughter had a birthday party.  She also has a 7 month old French bulldog puppy named Polly.  My daughter asked a friend to make a cake to resemble Polly.  I think this friend (who prefers to remain anonymous) made an uncanny copy of Polly.  The cake is chocolate with fondant and icing.  The head of the puppy cake is Styrofoam and the rest of the cake is covered with carefully applied icing.  The puppy’s “hair” is painted on with a small brush and the “hair” took several hours to apply.  The pink collar is an exact copy of the pup’s collar.  When the 4 to 6-year old kids showed up at the birthday party, several thought “Polly” the pup had jumped up onto the dining table.  In fact, the real Polly was running around the room on the floor.  The chocolate cake was quite good and was finished off in no time.  I do not know any of the other techniques used by this obviously talented dessert chef.


Submitted by Stew Gillmor February 17, 2017.  Photos by Rogene Gillmor.