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HVFCo Responds to Smoke in Residence

By Olivia Drake.

11-29-16-fire-truckHaddam Volunteer Fire Company was dispatched to a possible structure fire at 11:30 a.m. today (Nov. 29, 2016) near the intersection of Saybrook Road and Candlewood Hill Road.

Upon arrival, firefighters made an initial size-up of a light smoke condition on the first floor of a single-story residence. The homeowner, who was handicapped, was still inside the home. Firefighters helped the homeowner evacuate and EMS personnel from Haddam Volunteer Ambulance Service evaluated her on scene and allowed her to stay inside the ambulance during the incident.

Inside, firefighters shut off the power to the home. They determined that the smoke and a particular smell, was coming from a rear bedroom in the home, which was located directly above the home’s furnace. Firefighters metered the home for carbon monoxide and used three thermal imaging cameras, but found no signs of elevated heat inside the room, attic, basement, an air return cavity and exterior of the home.11-29-16-fire

HVFCo. members conferred with the homeowner and her son and requested that an electrician visit the home for an inspection. The electrician re-energized the home and crews noticed that a hot air pump, located in the furnace housing, was seized and grinding, even when the furnace was off. Fire marshals determined the faulty hot air pump was the cause of the smoke and odor. The homeowner was allowed to re-occupy her residence, however, she was advised to have her furnace professionally serviced.