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HVFCo Report: August 2016

By Olivia Drake.


Haddam Volunteer Fire Company responded to 42 calls for emergency services in August 2016 including a vehicle fire, two rollovers, and a structure fire, possibly caused by a lighting strike.

FIRE – 11

Haddam Volunteer Fire Company responded to two motor vehicle accidents Aug. 28, 2016 one of which required LIFE STAR’s assistance on Route 9.

At 6:55 p.m., crews were dispatched to a rollover on Route 9 South between exits 8-9. Upon arrival, firefighters encountered a vehicle swaying side to side with one patient trapped inside. Multiple bystanders near the vehicle were attempting to break windows with hammers and other tools. An EMT from Stonington, who happened to be driving by at the time of the accident, was already in the vehicle doing patient care.  Valley Shore Emergency Communications requested Life Star helicopter and firefighters set up a landing zone in the grass adjacent to the accident scene.  Firefighters removed the bystanders from the scene and secured the vehicle with rescue jacks and cribbing. Haddam Firefighter Joe Tommasso used Hurst tools to cut and fold the vehicle’s roof so firefighters could remove the patient. The patient was placed on a back board and transported to a Life Star stretcher.

At 7:50 p.m., HVFCo. was dispatched to another motor vehicle accident involving two cars on Route 9 South. A driver struck the vehicle in front of her, which caused her vehicle to ignite and the other vehicle to spin and crash crash into a guard rail in the opposite lane. Upon arrival, firefighters encountered a vehicle fully-engulfed in flames and immediately shut down the highway. All drivers and passengers had exited the vehicles. Crews stretched an attack line and worked to extinguish the fire. Four patients were transported to Middlesex Hospital.


Tylerville Rollover

At 6:40 a.m. on Aug. 15, 2016 HVFCo. responded to a motor vehicle accident with a rollover in Tylerville. A driver traveling northbound on Saybrook Road attempted to make a left turn into Mike’s Auto Service when she struck an SUV headed southbound. The driver subsequently struck a stone wall, causing her vehicle to flip onto the driver’s side. Haddam firefighters accessed and helped remove the driver through the back of the vehicle. She was transported to Middlesex Hospital.

Members responded consecutively to three possible structure fire calls on Aug. 11, 2016 one of which was likely caused by a lighting strike. At 9:25 a.m., firefighters responded to an electrical fire on Oak Hill Terrace. Firefighters metered the home and found no abnormal findings.

At 9:30 a.m. Haddam Fire was toned out for a structure fire on Saybrook Road. Upon arrival, firefighters discovered smoke in the basement. Firefighters investigated and metered the home and found no abnormal readings. Firefighters ventilated the home and the smoke dissipated.lightning strike

At 11:40 a.m., Haddam Fire responded to a potential structure fire with inside smoke showing on Laurel Grove Drive. Firefighters arrived on scene to find an audible fire alarm inside and light smoke coming from the area of the chimney. Access was gained through a door in the garage. Firefighters investigated the home with a thermal imaging camera and metered the home and found no abnormal readings. A circuit in the kitchen was tripped and power was secured at the panel.  Firefighters climbed onto the roof of the home and discovered the chimney may have been subject to a lightning strike. The homeowner, who was tracked down through neighbors and fire personnel, returned to his residence and confirmed that the chimney had not been previously scorched. Firefighters advised the home owner to contact an electrician prior to re-energizing his home and to contact a chimney company to have the chimney damage inspected and repaired.

HVFCo marine drill 2016 1

Marine Training Drill

On Aug. 8, 2016 members of Haddam Volunteer Fire Company participated in a marine rescue drill at Haddam Meadows State Park. Crews aboard Haddam’s Marine-13 “rescued” accident victims near the sandbar. The drill provided an opportunity for newer members to practice boat operations and veteran members to practice using a new portable incident command system.

Later in the month, members visited Haddam-Killingworth High School to discuss a pre-plan and view the onsite water supplies, which includes the school’s pool, if needed. They also participated in a large-diameter hose supply line drill and checked apparatus at the end of the month.

In addition, HVFCo. Junior Division Chief Ej Adametz attended the Advanced Skills And Concepts (ASAC) Program at the Connecticut Fire Academy Aug. 15-20. Ej and his peers were exposed to a series of advanced skills and concepts designed to expand and sharpen their skill and knowledge base and leadership abilities.

On Aug. 1, 2016 HVFCo. welcomed Zachary Ouellette and Chuck Kowal to the rank of Probationary Firefighter. Zack and Chuck previously served with the HVFCo. Junior Division. Once a Junior is 18 years of age, he or she is eligible to join as a member.

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