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Haddam’s Roads to be Improved [ Finally ! ]


A Special Town Meeting was held at the main Haddam firehouse last night (July 28, 2016), with about 60 people in attendance.  The topic was a proposal to obtain bonding to repair 9 town roads: McTigh, Bartman, Park, Little City, Foot Hills, Old Ponsett, Hidden Lake, Rock Landing and Injun Hollow.  Tony Giamei was elected as moderator.  The meeting call was read and accepted.  A motion was made to go forward with the proposed plan: click HERE for the details of the plan.  First selectman Lizz Milardo gave the background.  A motion to proceed was made, and seconded.  Several residents participated in a good discussion, mostly about drainage, traffic and previous incomplete attempts to implement needed repairs.  A vote was taken and almost all present voted YES, with 1 NO.

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An additional (more detailed report) was sent to HaddamNow by Ed Munster:

Road Bonding Ordinance Approved by Town Meeting

Submitted by Ed Munster

Approximately 80 people filled the Community Room at the Firehouse in Higganum on July 28, 2016 to vote on the ordinance which would allow the town to borrow $6,480,000 for the purpose of road construction.

The meeting opened with the election of Anthony Giamei as moderator of the meeting.  Giamei asked First Selectman Lizz Milardo to discuss the issues involved.  She pointed out the roads which are slated for total reconstruction (McTigh Road, Park Road to the last house and its Extension, and Bartman Road) and those selected for milling and repaving: (Little City Road, Candlewood to Sima), Foot Hills Road, Hidden Lake Road (Brault Hill to Pond Meadow Road), Old Ponsett Road, Rock Landing Road (Haddam Neck), and Injun Hollow Road (Haddam Neck).  Quarry Hill Road in Haddam Neck is not on the list included in the bonding proposal because much of the cost will be borne by Eversource as they agreed that it was their trucks which have damaged the road.  The selection of these roads, the First Selectman explained, were prioritized based on safety issues, road condition, and traffic count.

First Selectman Milardo responded to numerous comments and questions from those in attendance.  A resident of McTigh Road asked why it was going to take up to six months to repair a small section of the road near his home.  Milardo explained that drainage considerations are a major concern on that part of the McTigh.  She pointed out that McTigh will be done in several phases over the next few years because of the poor condition of that road.  A resident of Haddam Neck expressed her desire not to have metal guard rails replace the older wooden version which have been there since 1931.  Milardo commented that decisions on aesthetics will be a consideration but safety also must play a role.

When there were no further questions from the floor, the moderator called for the vote on the question of approving the bonding ordinance.  There was a resounding chorus of yes votes followed by a single no vote.  The motion passed.  The motion to adjourn was in order and passed unanimously.


3 Responses to Haddam’s Roads to be Improved [ Finally ! ]

  1. Earle Decker

    July 29, 2016 at 5:09 pm

    How about Christian Hill, between the green and Brainard????

  2. jeffrey schwarz

    August 9, 2016 at 2:02 am

    The only issue that I have is the increased amount of speeders on the repaired roads. Will that be taken into consideration?

  3. Richard Hurtz

    September 9, 2016 at 6:25 pm

    Quarry Hill Road in Haddam Neck has been terrible for 20 years. I wonder how long we will have to wait for Eversource to fix it. Can I get any kind of tax rebate for the beating it puts on my vehicle?