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How to Throw a Summer Picnic

Summer Picnic for Linares & Siegrist

 – written by Tony Giamei –

Picnic3Wow … what a job.  A committee of about a dozen volunteers worked for several weeks under Ed Marcolini to arrange a Picnic/Meet & Greet/ Meet the Candidates event for Art Linares (a Republican CT Senator, running for re-election) and Robert/Bob/Bobby Siegrist (a Haddam resident, running as a Republican for the CT legislature).  Ed Marcolini is the campaign manager for Bob Siegrist.  The event was held in Higganum on the property of Stew and Rogene Gillmor.  Stew has a small vineyard and Rogene is a avid gardener; their grounds and garden are truly amazing.

Picnic4The committee took care of every detail: food, drinks, plates, flatware, napkins, paper towels, recycle bins, trash receptacles, tents, tables, chairs, tablecloths, centerpieces, coolers, grilles, ice, etc.  Even the restroom arrangements were planned carefully.  I have planned many events and know how hard it is to cover all the bases.

Picnic1About 150 people attended.  The weather was picture perfect.  Live music was arranged by Stew with professional musicians.  Two kinds of beer were on tap and the wine was made from Stew’s grapes and labelled with his grandkids.  In a short speech, Art Linares stated that Stew is the only host who provides a great facility, his own wine and play live music to enjoy !  Nice gifts were presented to the Host and Hostess.

And a good time was had by all !!