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HVFCo: Rapid Intervention Team Training

By Olivia Drake, Public Information Officer.

On February 15, 2016, HVFCo. Captain Dan Sullivan spoke to members about the importance of a Rapid Intervention Team (RIT). The RIT’s purpose is to provide a dedicated and specialized team of firefighters (a minimum of at least 4 per crew) ready to rescue fire fighters who become lost, trapped, injured, disoriented, have a medical problem, or any other reason for immediate rescue or other assistance.

Captain Sullivan demonstrated ways to harness and drag a downed firefighter, or supply them with a mask and air from a rapid intervention pack.

“Life expectancy inside a fire is limited to the air we carry on our backs, more than likely, the downed firefighter will be depleted of air when they call for help (or soon thereafter),” Sullivan said.


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