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Town Meeting 1/28/16


Report on Town Meeting of January 28, 2016

  – Submitted by Ed Munster-

This Town Meeting was called to order by First Selectman Lizz Milardo at 7:00 PM at the Firehouse 439 Saybrook Road in Higganum.

Anthony Giamei was elected Moderator of the meeting and called upon Town Clerk Scott Brookes to read the call of the meeting which was adopted as the official call of the meeting.

The first item was to give the First Selectmen the authority to participate with nine other towns in requesting a state grant for $675,000 for three years which totals $1,875,000. Milardo explained that this grant will allow Valley Shore Emergency Communications to upgrade the multi-site UHF system to improve emergency radio communications. Haddam’s obligation for the three year period is estimated to be $75,000. Haddam Neck Fire Chief Robert McGarry provided support for the resolution which was passed unanimously.

The second and final item on the agenda was to request town approval to re-appropriate $12,000 to correct faulty workmanship which was an issue from the original construction of the building 15 years ago. Milardo explained that the problem is too old to go after the original builder. There are some leftover funds in the capital plan from a paving project at the Firehouse which could be used for this project.   It is necessary to repair the underlying problem so that repairs to wet sheetrock will not be a recurring problem; the example was given that previously, on one occasion, the Town spent $3,300 repairing sheetrock and water damage at the Firehouse.

Resident Ed Schwing remarked on a process question regarding the actual motion; he felt that the motion should have indicated the budget line item into which this $12,000 would be placed.

In addition First Selectman Milardo explained that the insurance company was going to replace an entire section of roof on the Firehouse which had experienced damage when snow was shoveled off the roof. This will cost over $99,000 but is being borne by the insurance company which will result in a new roof and is great for the town.   Resident Steve Bayley asked about whether precautions would be taken to avoid such damage in the future. Milardo assured that this was not going to be an issue in the future.

The motion to re-appropriate $12,000 was passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned.