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How Your Instagram Habit can Help Eyecare in Tanzania

Written by Alexandra Svokos.

What’s better than casually #TBTing the best picture you’ve ever taken? Doing it for a good cause.

The #EyeDonated campaign is all about using your pictures to support people in Tanzania whose vision is being restored.

Artists for World Peace, Lions Clubs International and Vision Health International joined together to bring an eye clinic to Kibosho-Umbwe, Tanzania, where most people suffer from preventable eye problems caused by sun damage and non-existent care.

The reality is, many people have gone their whole lives not knowing what their friends and family members really look like, accepting their blurry faces as the norm.

On the site, for example, a picture of a smiling older woman is accompanied by,

I hadn’t seen my children for 25 years.

These organizations are going out there this summer to provide corrective eyeglasses and sunglasses and to perform cataract and glaucoma surgeries.

All you have to do to help is post your favorite pictures using the hashtag #EyeDonated with your reason for sharing it and tag some friends to do the same.

To make it even easier, you can just copy and paste the text below:

#EyeDonated to help bring eye care to Tanzania. My hope is that one day the people there will be able to see these beautiful images. Help spread the word by donating a photo and tagging 2 friends. You can also donate at

The pictures will appear in a global gallery on and be shown to the people of Kibosho-Umbwe once they regain their sight.


Wendy Black-Nasta of EyeDonated said in a statement:

When they can see again, they will truly see how much people care about them through images and messages from around the world.

The organization is also accepting donations on their site, which will be matched by a donor up to $75,000. Each cataract surgery costs about $55, and sunglasses are only one dollar.

Michele Wytas, a Haddam resident, has been a volunteer with Artists for World Peace for over eight years. She does all their design work now and helps at local events, and helps come up with ideas. She also works with the founder to create self-sustainable projects and ideas for fundraising.