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HKMS Swim: State Championship Results

Submitted by Karen Revis.

HKMS swim team
The Haddam Killingworth Middle School Swim Team competed in the 2016 Connecticut Middle School Swimming and Diving Open Championships on Saturday, January 30, 2016 at the Bruce Hutchinson Natatorium at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven. The team is led by Head Coach Samantha Sierpinksi, assisted by Assistant Coaches Jamie Sierpinksi and Mary Kate Almeida.
Race Results for HKMS Students, up to 8th place:
  • Girls 200-yard Medley Relay: HKMS team: Jackie Flaherty, Nina Lamb, Brianna Lane, Tara Lamb — Sixth Place (2:18.88)
  • Boys 200-yard Medley Relay: HKMS team: Kyle Mazziotti, Andrew Mitchell, Drew Donlan, Zach Houlton — First Place (1:51.73 – a new STATE record)
  • Boys 50-yard Free: Zach Houlton — Fourth Place (25.59), Christo Garrelts — Sixth Place (26.20)
  • Girls 100-yard IM: Jackie Flaherty — Eighth Place (1:14.93)
  • Boys 100-yard IM: Drew Donlan — First Place (1:02.79), Malone Revis — Second Place (1:04.30), Christo Garrelts — Seventh Place (1:08.56
  • Girls 200-yard Freestyle Relay: HKMS team: Rhianna Phipps, Carly Rettberg, Tara Lamb, Katie Matthews — Sixth Place (2:08.05)
  • Boys 200-yard Freestyle Relay: HKMS team: Zach Houlton, Christo Garrelts, Dylan Craig, Malone Revis — Second Place (1:44.89)
  • Boys 50-yard Breaststroke: Andrew Mitchel — First Place (31.01), Zach Houlton — Fifth Place (35.76), Dylan Craig — Sixth Place (35.89)
  • Boys 100-yard Free: Kyle Mazziotti — First Place (51.82 – a new STATE record), Andrew Mitchell — Fifth Place (56.89), Dylan Craig — Seventh Place (59.88)
  • Boys 50-yard Backstroke: Kyle Mazziotti — First Place (27.57 – a new STATE record)
  • Girls 50-yard Butterfly: Jackie Flaherty — Seventh Place (32.46)
  • Boys 50-yard Butterfly: Drew Donlan — Third Place (27.81), Malone Revis — Sixth Place (29.40)
  • Girls 400-yard Freestyle Relay: HKMS team: Brianna Lane, Katie Matthews, Nina Lamb, Jackie Flaherty — Fourth Place (4:38.39)
  •  Boys 400-yard Freestyle Relay: HKMS team: Kyle Mazziotti, Drew Donlan, Malone Revis, Andrew Mitchell — First Place (3:43.41)
    HKMS Boys - State Champions

    HKMS Boys – State Champions


Team Rankings:


  • HKMS Boys Team – First Place
  • HKMS Girls Team – Fifth Place
  • HKMS Overall Combined – Third Place