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First BOS Meeting under New Administration

November 24, 2015 Board of Selectmen Special Meeting

– Notes taken by Meghan B. Peterson –

The Board of Selectmen (BOS) convened a special meeting on Tuesday, November 24, 2015.

The agenda was posted to the town website. Per the agenda, primary objectives for the meeting were to appoint a new Town Counsel and authorize a company to scan land use documents for digital storage.

Lizz_BOSAll BOS members were present: First Selectman Lizz Milardo, Selectman Sean Donlan, and Selectman Robert Duval. Ms. Alice Zanelli, Assistant to First Selectman Lizz Milardo, was present and took official minutes. Ed Munster from the Haddam Civic League and Melissa Schlag, former First Selectman and Haddam Bulletin staff member, video-recorded the meeting. Approximately a dozen residents attended, the author of this overview included.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Alice Zanelli clarified for the record that she thought the meeting agenda had been posted to the website. This morning, she and First Selectman Lizz Milardo realized that it had not; they rectified it and the agenda was subsequently posted.

Milardo announced the resignation letter from Mike Wells, Haddam’s Town Attorney. The Board accepted the resignation, as well as the motion to appoint a new town counsel. Selectman Donlan wanted to express his gratitude to Wells for serving the town and doing so efficiently. Attorney Richard Carella, from the firm of Updike, Kelly, and Spellacy will serve in the capacity as town counsel. First Selectman Milardo explained that the firm has represented entities such as the Metropolitan District Commission and the Connecticut Housing Authority – as well as businesses. Selectman Donlan added that he has known Richard Carella for a very long time and vouched for him as a good individual. Residents can learn more about the firm here. In addition, the community can learn about Richard Carella here.

The Board then read through tax refunds.

Finally, First Selectman Milardo brought for discussion the hiring of A&A Office Systems to begin the scanning and digital storing of Land Use Department documents. Town Planner Liz Glidden added that doing so is vital to beginning the digital storage of crucial documents. Milardo acknowledged that the main purpose for the special meeting was to get this process moving.

First Selectman Milardo wished everyone in attendance a Happy Thanksgiving and stated that a regular meeting will be held next Wednesday, December 2, 2015 in the Town Hall. She reiterated her hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Selectman Robert Duval motioned to adjourn the meeting.

See you next time!


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