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Town Meeting 9/29/15


Town Meeting 9/29/2015

– notes submitted by Ed Munster –

Town meeting_150929The meeting was opened by First Selectman Melissa Schlag at 6:00 PM. Marge Debold was elected to moderate the meeting. After Town Clerk Scott Brookes read the call of the meeting the resolutions which had been previously approved by the Board of Finance and the Board of Selectmen were each voted and approved unanimously by the townspeople in attendance.

The resolution having to do with the acceptance of the grant for the Jail Property elicited a question from Kathy Ely who asked how the grant money would be used. The First Selectman answered that the grant would be used for marketing and environmental studies for the building and any money left over may be used for clean-up.

Scott Brookes asked for clarification about the resolution regarding the funding of the Dish Mill Road Bridge. A state grant will cover up to $267,000 of the total cost of the project and the town will be responsible for the remaining portion of the $565,000 appropriation, and this is dependent of the actual cost.

In addition to the persons already mentioned above there were only eight others in attendance: Anthony Giamei, Ed Schwing, Ed Munster, Georgia Emanuel, Audrey Brookes, Selectman Robert Duval, BoF member Harlan Fredericksen and Lizz Milardo. Interesting that a question was asked about whether there is a minimum number of attendees required at a town meeting to pass a resolution and the answer was that just one person is necessary. Comment from the author of this report: Isn’t it scary that so few people attend these meetings?