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HKHS: Inside Look

Written by Joey Bosco.

It was the first day of senior year. I woke up, got ready, and made my way to the bus stop, eager to start what was supposed to be my best year of high school. I waited five minutes until my bus came to a screeching halt before me. I got on the bus and sat back in my seat, only to be asked my first question of senior year: “Hey, you! Are you a freshman?” I was off to a good start.

Senior year at HK comes with lots of privileges—the ability to drive to school, eat lunch outside, and take the classes you want, to name a few. But what piqued my interest most upon starting school at HKHS for the fourth and final time was not my newly-earned freedoms but rather the changes coming to the high school this year.

The high school is introducing a variety of new programs this year including two new classes and a new initiative called Open Studios.

The two new classes, (Computer Science and Software Engineering and Biological Engineering) are part of the high school’s effort to introduce more courses immediately relevant to the 21st century. Engineering is one of the fastest growing fields in the U.S., with computer science not far behind. The courses, both college level, even required special instructor training and were some of the most popular class choices for HK students.

Open Studios is another part of the effort to revolutionize the way we learn. It’s a self-directed program in which students get to explore their interests under the supervision of a teacher. Both Superintendent Howard Thiery, and the high school principal, Donna Hayward, expressed their enthusiasm for the initiative’s introduction, Mrs. Hayward describing it as “a structured yet open environment” where “students… can be creative and innovative outside of the curricular requirements of the school and pursue an area or project of interest to them.”

Mrs. Hayward in fact had a prominent role in the morning kickoff of the first day of school. After welcoming back the crowd of students seated in front of her, she talked about how we as students, can make the best of our year at HK. She elaborated on some new policies and congratulated students for once again being ranked one of Newsweek’s top high schools before moving on to eloquently discuss the HK community. She listed all the amazing feats HK students had accomplished over the past year, citing athletic, academic, and artistic achievements alike, before finally encouraging us to do better, to go beyond what we had done in years prior. This, to me, captures the spirit of Haddam-Killingworth.

In a year so stressfully filled to the brim with college applications and life decisions, it’s nice to know that HK is just as lively as ever. It’s nice to know that although HK is changing, it’s only changing for the better. And it’s nice to know that I can call HK my home.


2 Responses to HKHS: Inside Look

  1. Amy Roper

    September 1, 2015 at 8:53 am

    What an enjoyable read. I predict a great future for this young man.

  2. Jesse S.

    September 3, 2015 at 5:09 pm

    HKHS- What a great place to learn and grow! A lovely, informative article, Joey! I enjoyed learning about the new additions at the school this year. Congratulations on the ‘Newsweek Top High Schools in America” award! I hope you and all the students have a terrific school year!