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School Budgets: Other Towns Moving Forward



Clinton – per the Middletown Press 5/29/15 easily passed round two after a cut of $330,000 out of a $33M budget

Enfield – Hartford Courant 5/29/15 – The School Board cut their budget by $2.7M to meet the $65.9M budget allocated by the Town Council

Durham (RSD13) – Middletown Press 5/2/8/15 – District will attempt a third vote on the budget after $350,000 was cut from the rejected $35.9M plan in round two.

Haddam (RSD17) … stay tuned !!

2 Responses to School Budgets: Other Towns Moving Forward

  1. earle decker

    May 31, 2015 at 1:19 pm

    This issue has been going on all over the state for exactly the reasons that we have been saying here in Haddam.

  2. Frank B.Bugaj

    May 31, 2015 at 9:16 pm

    I fail to understand how people in the town of Haddam or Killingworth can believe that more money equates to better education for the kids.
    It doesn’t. Why can’t the BOE make some serious budget cuts1? 9800.00 cut in the proposed budget is ridiculous. What part of this do people not understand? We, the taxpayers, bear the financial burden, and have for years. Let’s be real here guys. The merit raise you just earned, just got taken away from you. Let’s send the BOE back to the drawing board, and have them present a realistic affordable budget to the people that foot the bill. Vote NO on June 2nd.