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Happy in Haddam: Up from New York


– submitted by Aydin Caginalp –

Each of the weekends that brought us mounds of fresh snow gave me more opportunities to consider the merits of living in a semi-rural area.  I could not help but think through our move to Haddam as I continue to learn about the intricacies of snow removal.  After all, there is something to be said for a condominium in a warm and temperate zone that does not present climatic challenges.

Something exerted a magnetic force to bring my wife and I to Haddam several years ago.  The natural beauty of the surroundings and historic homes (that could easily match Williamsburg), walking and hiking trails in abundance, and wildlife like a herd of deer running through the backyard, offer a unique environment to enjoy life in a bucolic setting.  We purchased our house without knowing anything about Haddam and without a single friend in the area.  It was, in retrospect, a quixotic decision.

The preceding article by Amy Roper reminded me how lucky we are to be living in this area.  Amy is our good neighbor who restored the “apple barn” that was part of the same orchard where we ended up.  During the last three years, we have met the most incredible people in Haddam who have tremendous talents, interests and capabilities.  Through Amy, and many other neighbors, we were welcomed into a neighborhood that has given us an incredible number of new friends even though we did not know a soul when we moved in.  And we learned greatly about the outdoors, crafts and history of this special neighborhood.  We don’t miss the sound of sirens in the middle of the night nor the congestion, pollution and the general stress of life in a city that doesn’t sleep.

As the snow continues unabated and I spend hours marching behind the behemoth snow blower, I think about how lucky we are to have ended up in this beautiful community with an inclusive group of friends.  More recently, other people from the big city have been moving to Haddam who, like me, never knew that it existed before ending up here, don’t know how they got here, but are Happy in Haddam!

One Response to Happy in Haddam: Up from New York

  1. Susann Costa

    February 27, 2015 at 12:25 am

    Aydin and Stephanie are great neighbors,. They are interesting ,caring and sincere friends and help to make us here in Haddam HAPPY. I think that magnetic force that brought you here was fate…it just had to happen.