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Fencing 2015: CT Novice Tournament

Two fencers representing HKHS attended the Connecticut Novice Tournament held at Guilford High School January 31, 2015. This tournament is only open to novices (first tournament). Fifteen schools from around Connecticut participated, with 71 men and 49 women entered. Simon Brown and Craig Allen are both freshmen at HKHS. Haddam Killingworth High School doesn’t have an official Fencing team, but Peter Barnett teaches Fencing through the Haddam Killingworth Recreation Department. Both Simon and Craig takeĀ Fencing through that program; Simon for 2 years, and Craig Allen for 6 years.

Simon's first bout in the Direct Eliminations

Simon Brown’s (r) first bout in the Direct Eliminations

First there were the Prelimaries, where participants fenced four other fencers in 3-minute/5-touch bouts. The top 80% then went on to the Direct Eliminations brackets. Simon was initially seeded 51st and lost his first direct elimination bracket, finishing 48th out of the 71 men. Craig, seeded 14th at the beginning of the brackets, ended up 13th out of the 71 men.