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HKHS Project Graduation Fundraiser


submitted by Laura Roman
I just have to pass on this very exciting fundraiser to benefit HKHS Project Graduation!
Kendra Giulini is generously donating her commissions to HKHS Proj Grad for any orders placed on HKHS PG Tastefully Simple web site between NOW and JANUARY 24TH.  It is very easy to use.  Just go on, place your order anytime before 1/24/15 and your order will be shipped to you.
You can get all details on the web site.  There is a Black Friday sale going on between today and Monday, so check it out!
My personal favorite is the beer batter bread!  In fact, my idea for a Chanukah present for my 23 year old niece, who is living on her own, is a box of the mix and a bread pan! She’ll have to supply the beer!!!
As always, thank you for supporting Project Grad.  Feel free to add this to your personal FB page and help spread the word!!!
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