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Letter to the Editor: Support for TWO of Our Candidates

The views stated here are those of the individual contributor and do not necessarily reflect those of the staff of

FOR Senator Art Linares and State Representative hopeful Bob Siegrist.

As the election season progresses I am continuously impressed with the clean, and positive campaign that both gentlemen have run. Unlike other candidates that seem to fill the mailbox daily with negative and distasteful advertisements, I have great respect for these two candidates because of their professional and optimistic outlook. As a voter and resident my focus going to the polls will be what positive change and policies candidates will support. I admire that both Art and Bob have clearly communicated their intentions, identified needs and wants of their districts, and kept a positive demeanor throughout their campaign. I’m humbled and honored to head to the polls on election day knowing that I will have a voice for candidates that I believe in and trust will handle business in a professional manner that represents Haddam and other districts the way they deserve to be represented. This has not always been the case, as I have experienced many “choose the lesser of the evils” elections, and therefore feel very fortunate to have these two candidates on the ballot this November. We don’t live in a perfect world, however I hope that you will join me in supporting Art Linares and Bob Siegrist who will represent their districts with the optimism, class, and professionalism that is needed in Hartford and deserved by residents.

Thank You Sincerely,
Peter M. Arseneault