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9 Town Transit: Mid-Shore Express

By Ed Munster.

Adventure — a bus ride to Old Saybrook.

We did not know the schedule of the Mid-Shore Express so we had to wait about 40 minutes for a bus to arrive.  But that was our fault.  The Mid-Shore Express is one of the routes of the 9 Town Transit District which is a public transportation service serving Haddam.  The grandchildren were okay with the wait but eventually were getting antsy so we sang songs as we waited and decided that no matter which way the first bus was headed, north or south on Route 154, we were going to take it.

When the southbound bus came rumbling down the road, we flagged it down and were greeted by a friendly driver who welcomed us aboard.  The grandkids, one two and one seven years old, were taking their first bus ride in Haddam.  By the way, there is no charge for kids under 4 or for seniors but you may make a donation if you like.  The normal charges for others range from $0.75 to $1.50 so it is a real bargain.

We all clicked our seatbelts and enjoyed the ride from Shailerville to the Old Saybrook train station.  On the return trip we opted to get off at the Haddam Elementary School playground to try out the equipment before heading home.  This was a fun adventure for the kids and the grandpa.  For others it is serious transportation service with stops at Middlesex Community College, the bus depot in Middletown and has commuters heading to stops all along the way from Old Saybrook to Middletown.  Their website with schedules is

Along the way the driver explained that in Haddam the signs designating the locations of the scheduled stops were removed by the town more than a year ago.   The other towns all have signs indicating where the buses stop on a regular basis.  But a person can flag down one of the buses at other spots along the route.  A call to the Haddam Town Planner  revealed that someone had complained that sign permits for these signs had not been applied for and this complaint resulted in the removal of the signs.  It would certainly make life easier for potential bus riders if these signs were re-erected.